Quieting The Music Maker's Mind

The absence of sound can be severely underrated, especially for the musician. By our very nature, we all crave and thrive on stimulation and inspiration but sometimes, often after it's too late, we can find ourselves seriously sonically burnt out. How can we backtrack this?

When attempting to hush the mind of the ever-buzzing music maker, you’ve got to break things down. This is the time to zero-in on your lifestyle and it’s cause and effect at every level. We know how very serious that sounds, but you’ll be truly better safe than sorry if you catch yourself before you descend into full blown overstimulation. 

Perhaps one of your problems is that you’re, much like the rest of us, seriously attached to your cellular device. Yes, we rely on it for so many varying communications, it seems impossible to be able to successfully keep it on silent for a few hours at a time, if not longer. Break this down into small elements. Give yourself just one hour a day, while wide awake, where you’re off of your computer and your phone. Even if you’re just zoning out with the television on, promise yourself not to check your phone. We often over-engage and pay the price later, sometimes not even knowing where our stress and anxiety origins are. Safety, our families and our jobs keep us glued to our phones 24/7. Consider putting a special ringer for those who may count on you in an emergency. Give yourself as many chunks of time that you can to turn your ringer off for the rest of those interjectors. 

If you aren’t able to control the volume of your environment, perhaps due to roommates, children or noisy neighbors or construction, then it’s time you take matters into your own hands. This is where you can make an incredible use of meditation music and nature sounds that you can find for free on services such as YouTube. If you aren’t hiding out from a stressful environment, consider making time to go explore nature around you. If you find yourself needing to catch up with friends, suggest a productive hike or outdoor socially-distanced yoga class. We can be social and productive at the same time and sometimes it makes those workouts so much easier when you’re gushing with your friend about an exciting new project. 

One major key to quieting your mind is to actual work in overdrive and overtime prior to that much needed break. If you keep yourself slightly ahead of schedule, then everything around you won’t feel like it’s so rushed and that you’re always running out of time. Putting in that hard work to get organized will make a massive difference later on when you actually do need to be able to push things aside due to unforeseen circumstances. A real life example of this: Sharpening your organizing skills, such as having a folder in your virtual mailbox for each element will help you later on when you’re scrambling looking for a document that is due in a moment’s notice. Set yourself up for success and this will allow for you to remain at a relative level of homeostasis within your mind. 

A majorly popular practice that many legends and successful types swear by is that of meditation. Find what works for you and be open to the process. Expect it to be slow. Develop a mantra that makes sense to you. Even if it’s something simple such as “This is my mantra”. Do whatever you can do to center yourself and just watch your thoughts float by. Perhaps you can only meditate in the shower? Or on an early morning solo walk? 

Now, let us remember that if you maintain space in your daily schedule for some down time, then you won’t be absolutely itching for it after you’ve already hit your breaking point. Our lifestyle choices are absolutely integral to how we feel moment to moment. We must embrace and adapt the world around us, but there’s also no reason that we shouldn’t try to customize it a little too! Find what sparks your peace and follow it.