Scheduling for Success

Can it sometimes feel like you're stuck on repeat, in the cycle of just getting by and never seeming to have enough time to accomplish what you really want? Let's take a peak into the world of the successful and have a good look at their habits and schedules. Can we adopt this lifestyle? 

The idea behind having a set schedule is so that you don't work harder, you work smarter. You are able to make room for health elements, such as working out or yoga, or catching a swim in the ocean. Quieting your environment and sharpening your laser-focusing abilities are the first steps. 

In terms of scheduling, first, we suggest to purchase a large calendar and break it down into threes, monthly, weekly, daily. Mark in colors levels of importance. Don't overpromise yourself or others. Time yourself during daily tasks. This will allow the hours to not escape you as they often can when you're vaguely attempting to work. Set deadlines for yourself. Stick to them. Make daily lists and maybe it's just us, but you might be surprised by how proud of yourself you'll feel when you physically cross out the accomplished items! 

As for habits, recognize where you need to trim that which is the unnecessary. Realize that you will often relapse and need to make continuous adjustments until you are able to set into the natural rhythms that work for you. Some of us simply are more nocturnal than others. We believe that you don't need to adopt the typical idea that all successful people need to wake up at 5am. Do what feels right. do what feels right (1).jpg

A crucial interjection - Despite adrenal fatigue a.k.a "burning out" being up for debate, as to whether it is real or not - in our own experience, this is very real and dangerous. If you push yourself too far and treat your mind and body as if it's a limitless machine, the effects will be seen and heard, loud and clear. Wikipedia states that "Adrenal fatigue or hypoadrenia is a term used by alternative medicine providers to suggest that the adrenal glands are exhausted and unable to produce adequate quantities of hormones, primarily cortisol, due to chronic stress or infections." 

So, whether this is a legitimate medical condition or not, there are many other reasons why you should simply be sure to take care of yourself. Let yourself sleep in some days, put that alarm clock under the bed and get out of bed when you're ready. Hit the beach and let the day run away with itself. 

We'll leave you with a quote. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" - Remember that no matter your position in the world, you need to have perspective and experience in order to connect with others. If you're a songwriter, you need lyrics. If you need lyrics, you need a story. If you've lived many tales and chapters, you can draw from them vividly, as you've experienced every color and moment. This is where it's crucial not to just work too hard and hustle all day, all night. Put as much effort into your work as you put into living your life, that way you'll have something to say.