Self-Taught or Music Lessons?

Were you self-taught or were you lucky (or cursed) enough to have parents who could see a little extra spark in your love of turning the radio all the way up? Did they force you to have lessons but you benefited from it? Or did it make you view music differently? 

Here we touch on some tips on what to consider when looking for music lessons. We believe that these can assist in boosting your success in this experience! Although we were going to attempt to discuss the benefits of teaching oneself vs. finding someone to teach you, we've decided that finding a happy medium is crucial for this topic!

1. Find the right teacher. Did you know that even Mariah Carey still takes voice lessons as we speak?! We can't get over that amazing fact. We truly believe that it's a wonderful asset to have a highly trained ear analyze, examine and fine-tune your instrument of choice. music lessons.jpg

2. Teach yourself in your own time, at your own pace. Although it's important to have some form of discipline, there are so many luxuries of teaching oneself, such as relearning a topic as many times as you need to. We learned another self-learning tip recently, setting goals! This is crucial to keep on track.

3. Is the cost concerning you? Utilize Youtube and other online resources! The internet is an incredible place for knowledge. Also, consider posting yourself playing, if you feel comfortable. Youtube comments will give you lots of support and many tips as to what is working and not working for the listener.

4. Find a buddy to bounce ideas off of. You can find a place to meet up and learn new methods on your instrument of choice. Even if you don't play the same thing, a reflective ear is always a plus. If you're feeling comfortable, go play open mics with some of your friends. Work out the kinks and have fun at the same time. It's free feedback!

5. Consider multiple teachers. If money and time are not an issue, we'd love to suggest that you have a few different teachers. Or, consider having different teachers for different times in your creativity. Say you're on a metal kick? Enjoy the luxury of a new teacher. As we all have so many different perspectives and personalities, a fresh ear can do wonders for your creativity - as someone will always point out something new, in a fresh way!

We really love the idea of giving yourself the power to learn in a multitude of ways. This is where you can find so much of your potential from so many different strategies!