Show Your Love With a Playlist - Dating in 2020

This time next year, you can bank on there being an entire era of lovebirds who met via Zoom for their first date. What's the story with how this works, or does it even really work? Join us on discussing the future of relationships and weddings during dating via screens. 

Do you remember making mixtapes for your crushes in middle school, or maybe one was made for you? This has been a staple in so much of our love life’s history. You could find yourself driving in your car, twenty years later, and a sweet little song may pop up on the radio that floods your entire memory of that mixtape you received when you were sixteen. This art is not lost on our modern ways, it just shows up in a new way - the art of the playlist. 

Show Your Love With a Playlist_PitStop Musicians.jpegSo, while you’re keeping in touch with your partner via Zoom, or perhaps having a first date on Google Hangouts, there are so many elements that are missing in terms of being able to decipher the atmosphere of emotions. However, there’s also a flipside, it can provide the space that is necessary in a relationship, whether it be new or not. It can allow walls to be broken down, as there’s a safety in the distance set between screens. 

LifeHacker states “And in a lot of ways, Zoom first dates are easier than ones IRL. As Taige Zhang, the founder of Fairytrail, a dating app for remote workers and travelers, points out, virtual dates save time and money. There’s no need to get really dressed up, take the time to commute, or even have to leave your home. Plus, if you’re short on cash, you can have a Zoom date without spending anything, unlike trips to bars or restaurants—and there’s no awkward conversation about who is going to pay. Virtual dating is also convenient: “You can do it on walks, runs, Ubers, airports and even from the bathtub,” Zhang says.”

A very lovely way of keeping things fun, cute and cozy, that is completely free, is the playlist. On Spotify, you can create a playlist that is meant just for you and your honey. You can invite them and keep it private. This is something so sweet that both of you can add to as you like. You’re able to share what moves and inspires you, bonding you together even more. If you aren’t on Spotify, you can create a YouTube playlist, with the song’s Official Video and all. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can go completely old school and create a real mixtape. You might need to do this on a CD if you don’t have a tape player readily available. Nothing is sweeter than receiving a real package in the mail during 2020, especially one that’s a hand-made delivery of love. Theophilus London says “Mixtapes are very personal, and they describe who you are better than an album.” and this is oh so true.