Sleep For The Sonic Lover

Sleep is one of those things that always weighs heavy on all of our minds, yet it seems we can't really catch up. Do some of us set aside a day once a month to just lounge in bed and waste the day away? It may do you more good than you think, especially for an overactive creative mind.

We have to prioritize sleep and make it something that is not simply an afterthought, as the very last thing that we are able to push off and procrastinate until our bodies won’t let us any longer. Not having proper sleep can lead to a whole host of problems and could eventually make or break your lifestyle. A consistently sound night of sleep will aid in your emotional stability, the way that your body heals itself and processes that which it consumes throughout the day, as well as simply resetting your mind and giving it time to rest. 

When it comes to sleep,we must not forget that the quality of sleep is something that is often incredibly underrated. Sure, you may have slept 12 hours, but was it a deep REM sleep or were you simply tossing and turning for hours on end, waking up even more tired than when you went to sleep? It’s important to adjust your sleep habits to what works and what doesn’t. 

Be sure to always consult a doctor before modifying anything that is potentially threatening to your health and always do small tests on your own sleeping. Perhaps you can try sleeping with organic cotton and push that polyester aside? Asthmatics have an easier time with the least amount of synthetic materials in their bed. 



Before bedtime, allow yourself to wind down. If you dive right a hard day and night of work, right into bed, you'll often find yourself racked with stress, ideas and thoughts varying from completely random to obsessing over the little details of your day and what's to come tomorrow. Finding the time to quiet your mind before you hop into bed will help your mind and body get into a pattern of expecting what is to come, as that's the wonderful thing about good habits! Your bed should be a sanctuary, away from work and worry. Be strict with attempting to maintain a peaceful space in your bedroom. 

If possible, be sure to test out what your body reacts to best in terms of mattress thickness and plushness, as well as the type of fabrics that you cuddle up with all night long. The quality of pillows and blankets on your bed may seem like a hefty, unnecessary investment but once you notice the difference, you'll likely never go back. We do spend a third of our lives, ideally eight hours an evening, asleep in our bed after all. It's curious that it can often take a lifetime to get something like sleep under your belt, but isn't that life itself! Always so many mysteries to unlock. Give yourself the self-care that will lead to a happier, healthier, more engaged and well-rested you.