Sleeping for Musicians

Here's the thing. We too are guilty of letting sleep slide into the very last spot on our daily to-do list. Before morning comes, this always seems like it's not that regrettable of an action, but when you wake up worn, unmotivated, creatively drained & lackluster - you learn quick what absolutely must take priority, none other than rest and rebooting.  

For musicians, sleep or a lack there of can be particularly problematic. When we are running on empty when it comes to those 'zzz's", our procesing power can take a serious dip. This can often result in clouded, blurry thinking and with that is accompanied both a lack of inspiration and an almost untuninig of the ear. Have you ever tried to pull an all nighter and noticed how jarring, edgy and tense the world aroiund you has become? Sleep can seriously change our perspective on life and it can change the way we interprete our environrment. 

One of the trickiest elements for a musician when it comes to proper sleep, is the nature of the beast that is both the music industry and music itself. In order to really delve into the sounds and notes among us, we have to find time where we are able to get lost in the trance of music. This is often done when they world around us goes to sleep, so that we can focus and really tune in, both literally and figuratively. This usually is only able to happen at night, so we typically end up having to wake up early to deal with our daily duties and are often left unrested and seriously burnt out - so much so that the cycle is on a constant repeat and we can never seem to catch up. This is when we must make sleep a prioirity.



Now, the nap is one element that is meant to be understood, as the power of the power nap must ultimately be respected and kept in regular rotation. Have you ever noticed how when you get a really good, albeit sometimes quick nap in, then your day can almost seem like two days in one? How lucky and creative is it for a day to be split into two and almost doubled? This is an especailly wonderful hack that comes in handy when you've had a part of your day that just needs a serious do-over. 

Some seriously interesteing sleep research which was brought to us by Musical U, states that "sleep itself plays a role in the consolidation of memory, the essential step during which acquired memories become stable. You worked hard to get the skills and facts into your short-term memory, but if you don’t get to sleep, your mind will struggle to lock them away for the long term. Recall is the final step in the memory process: the ability to access information after it has been stored. Only memories that were successfully acquired and consolidated are available for recall. When low on sleep, your overworked neurons struggle to coordinate information properly. On top of difficulty learning new material, you’ll have increased difficulty recalling previously learned skills and information and applying previous knowledge to new problems."

Whether you feel like you need to reign in your sleep schedule or not, you're got to make this a priority for yourself and the music that has yet to be written by you. You're doing a major disservice to your life by not giving your brain, body, mind and spirit time to get adequate rest so that it can face the new day with a fresh face and a calm mind. Be sure to give yourself this quiet and understated luxury and you'll come to find a new level of peace in your life.