Soloists in Spring

Musicans for Spring Wedding.jpgCan you feel that in the air? The un-stiffening of snow-shut windows, the melting of rooftop icicles & city to city spring cleaning underway. All of this means that Spring is on standby ready to blossom and that means that Spring weddings are now in the queue too. Now, let’s touch on scratching bands vs. DJ and switch to soloists. When is this the most tasteful choice?

First, you must consider the atmosphere of the wedding. Are you looking for something a bit more intimate? A small number of guests and a cozy environment, focused less on the party and more on two and their vows? This is the perfect scenario for a quiet, lovely soloist.

Perhaps your envisioning something a bit more high-energy, with lots of guests and full blown party atmosphere. Do not fear! This does not mean that you cannot stick to a soloist, you just must choose your instrument of choice wisely. Perhaps it may be a percussionist or an electric guitarist that can really jazz up the energy in the room.

If you have a favorite performer that you know, or may not even know, this may be your go-to choice. Perhaps the mother of the bride is a lovely singer and she has always wanted to perform at her daughter’s wedding. Additionally, when it comes to the budget, if it’s within range, it’s important to not count on having one’s favorite singer perform at the event. You would be surprised at how reasonable some of these rates can be! It would be an event that is forever talked about, no matter what!

Now, say you’ve got your mind set on a soloist. This does not mean that you have to settle on a vocalist or song based repertoire. If you already have a piano at the venue or the church, you could have a solo pianist mystify the evening away. Also, you could place a solo harpist both during the ceremony and at the dinner, accompanying the day through its evolving chapters. If you’ve got speakers and a Spotify account, you can let those two handle the dance party once after-hours start to set in.

Economically speaking, this can sometimes be a wonderful choice. The day rate for the musician will be that much more affordable than alternatives, although still an effortlessly moving experience nonetheless.

One can be endlessly creative when it comes to these things. Imagine a jaw-droppingly talented solo violinist playing the main themes of the score to the film that the couple saw on their first date? Perhaps they are Disney or Lord of The Rings fans and they’d like to put their own twist on the film scores.

The music is one of the most fun parts of the planning and the evening itself. It can truly brighten anymore instantly. Trust your taste and go with your instincts on this one.