Songwriting In Your Dreams

Have you’ve heard of some of your favorite songwriters saying that they dreamt up that soon to became a worldwide phenomenon melody. Is there truth behind this? How can we jump on board? How can we jump on board...

First things first, we strongly suggest that no matter what, you invest in a mini tape recorder. If you’re more of a minimalist and would prefer not to buy yet another gadget, we suggest putting your Voice Memo (or any other simple recording app) where it’s easily accessible on your phone. The thought behind the tape recorder is so that you are able to catch the idea in the dream quickly. Have you noticed that there’s only a small window of time where you can remember your dream?

Next, have a pen and paper handy right beside your bed. If you can get something glow in the dark, even better. Anything to allow your brain to have to think less so that it can focus on holding onto the idea and documenting it. Nothing tops having a real recording of your idea, because we all know that music can be so fickle and an idea can slip out of your grasp far too quickly. A moment passes and you’re questioning a nuance or two. If you’re recording, you can avoid this. If you choose not to, we hope that you can focus more on lyrics. Go easy on yourself. You may only get one line at a time.

So, how can we sweeten our sleeping environment so that we welcome these types of dreams? Have you noticed that many times we only remember our dreams if we aren’t rudely awakened by an alarm clock? We suggest experimenting on what works for you but we believe that one quick easy trick is to allow yourself to wake up naturally.

Let your mind rest and then it will wander. Treat your sleep session like a photoshoot or recording session. You prepare for it by getting a good night’s rest and more. If you’re trying to access creativity while your sleep, you’ll need to be a bit more protective over your quality of sleep. Go to bed a bit earlier. Experiment with the types of foods you eat for dinner. Test out how the lighting in your room leaves results on your sleep.

Mental Floss reminds us “Paul McCartney awoke one night, went from his bed to a nearby piano, and played one of the most covered songs in music history for the very first time anywhere. “Yesterday” soon to be created by The Beatles. He spent months asking people if they had heard the tune before, believing that he must have unconsciously plagiarized the tune from someone. Once he determined that he had indeed come up with it on his own, he started to work on the lyrics.”

Once you get good at this, you too can incorporate your writing instruments. We think that it would be wise to have everything tuned, plugged in and ready to play so that you can make that transfer from dream to wake state as seamless as possible.

Finally, don’t stress yourself out. Nothing is a creative killer like forcing it. Allow your sleep state to be the place where you can let go of the pressures of everyday life. Let your mind wander as it will. Have fun with it and let the ideas float to you with ease.