Soundtracks & Proposals!

Soundtracks_and_Proposals.jpgAll the deliberating has finally come to an end and you've finally decided to pop the question to the one you adore. We're all for spontaneity and living in the moment, but there might be something to the idea of carefully crafting a memory that will forever be etched in stone for the two of you. It's time to turn up the volume of your innermost thoughts & feelings and discover you & your loved one's future special song.

Let us first break this down into two categories. You’re either looking for the perfect song, playlist or soundtrack to accompany this beautiful upcoming moment or you’re looking to take it even a step further and write your own tune. This choice should only be purely based on what you’d really love to do. Even if you’ve only showcased your singing talents in the shower, that doesn’t really mean anything when it comes to singing straight from the heart. 

If we have any words of wisdom, it may be to take into consideration what your partner may like. Do they have a certain love for a Flash Mob style proposal, with a dance routine and customized lyrics designed directly for them? Or, are they more of the comedic type, loving your wildly clever sense of humor? Perhaps they are the type who believes that romance is meant to be more serious, poetic and a little shy? This is most likely the most important question to consider when it comes to the genre of song and performance that is most suitable and fitting for your love style. 

Is there already a piece of music that means something to the two of you? If you think long and hard enough about it, you may be surprised to recall that you had shared a few special moments with a certain artist playing in the background. 

If you’re up for coming up with your very own tune, then strap on your seatbelt! Surely you know someone who casually strums a chord or plays a key or two - ask them to back you up! Don’t be shy. Dive right in and write what you want to say. Write exactly how you feel. You may find that you’re more poetic than you think. If the guitar is more your style, consider finding a vocalist that can transform your own words into a melody.

Now, if all of this seems like just too much when you’re already worked up with nerves about the whole thing, then don’t forget that you could always hire a trio, a soloist or even a whole symphony - what a gorgeous memory that would be! It could take some of the pressure off and still create an air of romance in the air, elevating the entire experience for the both of you. 

Finally, if you just want to keep it simple and sweet - employ the playlist. Make a specially curated playlist with love songs that you two may share as favorites or songs that just remind you of your special someone. This will be a wonderful list of songs that you can revisit during anniversaries to come. Embrace your creative liberties with this one and just have fun with it! If you can’t think of anything, you can even consider playing a beautiful violin piece straight from your cell phone!

No matter how simple or complex the ways you choose to weave music into your proposal, all you have to do is trust what feels right for the two of you. Music is a lovely way to add ambiance to any life experience and every time you’ll hear the tunes in the future, it will bring you back to what a wonderfully pure moment it was.