Take Recording Into Your Own Hands

Taking matters into your own hands. Literally. Is home recording your ticket to creative independence, endless & unlimited studio hours, and no bill at the end of the day? Only costing you time? Or is it an impossible, too much to take on task? Dig into the DIY stylings of home recording with us.
Back in the day, before streaming and the internet overran the music industry, there were big budgets for major recording studios, a time of excess that nobody ever thought would dry up. However, that time has indeed come and gone and come back again. Now that we are living in the future, almost everyone has a laptop handy - if you just spend a little of an investment on software and hardware, you can find your very own handy dandy recording methods in your own bedroom.

First, you need time. You need time to give yourself room to explore all of the methods of recording. These days, with YouTube, you have your very own teacher right in your pocket - whenever you see fit. However, with all of this information becomes almost a greater burden, as you can get lost down the rabbit hole of information and become far too frustrated and give up on all of it. You need to prepare yourself with patience. 
Make it a group project. We would suggest finding a recording buddy (Look on PitStop!) - It may be best to find a novice so that you can learn together! Or, perhaps you can trade services - maybe a local engineer would like to learn some of your guitar skills. 

Is it possible to create a great sounding record in your bedroom? In our opinion, although we'd love to be as optimistic, as possible - this is going to take some serious work. First, we suggest you learn about signal flow and do research to create the basic setup for your home recording. Depending on your instrument/genre, you'll need a relatively decent microphone, a recording program (i.e. ProTools) and an audio interface. From here, you can learn the basics of signal flow and recording techniques. Mixing and mastering are an entire other basket of worms, but you can take it step by step and see progress.

Be patient with yourself. Set aside a few specific hours every evening to really make some headway. The amazing part of all of this, is that this will give you a skill that will never go unused. You are granting yourself so much power and putting control into your own hands. Hang in there and don't be afraid to do the wrong thing along your journey of getting the sound you're looking for.