The 6 Best Creative Tools for Musicians

As we all know, our phones have become extensions of ourselves. This has simply become a fact and almost a necessity, if wanting to keep up with the pace of just about everyone currently on, not only the musical map - but all walks of life included. 
So, why not embrace and be grateful for the fact that we all are quite privileged to live in such a technologically excited time? We don't have to carry bulky tuners or tape recorders in our pockets anymore. Here are 6 of our favorite Apps that are creativity based and that you can use alongside PitStop Musicians, to up your musical efficiency, leaving extra time for those moments that really count.
A Tuning App:
One lifelong, wonderful, little habit that, in our humble option, all musician's should 
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have is consistently working on their pitch. tuner Apps can come in so handy for this. Even for non-singers, it would be helpful for them to practice their singing pitches, for potential assisting in their ear when songwriting, as well as just overall connection to each individual sound - the way it feels when it is accurate and precise. 
Additionally, the non-singer should practice with the preferred tuner on their instrument, consistently, perhaps forever! Can't hurt and it's a little fun, in a strange way! 
For this, one can say that it wouldn't matter all too much which Tuner App you use, as a correct note is a correct note, however we do particularly love Tuner Lite for it's sensitivity and price tag.  

Recording via Smart Phone: 
Although we are not encouraging full of tracking to your Smart Phone, simply due to inefficiency in the long-run, these tiny devices can save us a lifetime of frustration, having forgotten an incredible 4 second melody that graced you at the very worst of times - as usual. Stuck in traffic, quick lightning bolt of inspiration hitting you before that job interview, late to pickup your friend at LAX, you name it. Inspiration seemingly only strikes when inconvenient, as if to question if you really want it bad enough to figure out how to capture it! 
So, the little recording Apps come in, incredibly handy. In particular, we love the Four Track App. Although it isn't free, placed at an extremely reasonable $2.99, we say it's all the way worth it - with input monitoring in headphones, as well as effects that sound professional. The App literally has Four Tracks, allowing you to lay down 3 harmonies on top of your vocals, while you wait in line at the Car Wash.
Otherwise, if you don't want to spend a cent, don't overlook the Voice Memo function of the iPhone. Great for jotting down some quick ideas.
The Calendar App:
Because we all know that no matter how long you lock yourself way, working at your craft, you will still need to be organized in a business-sense, even if you have a manager. You will need to show up on time, hey, maybe even a little early? While we're at it, one great tip on the side - always pretend like the Arrival Time to any event/show/business meeting is 20 minutes earlier than it's supposed to be - leave that room for error. 
We personally like to use the built in Calendar App that can attach to your Smart Phone or Gmail Account - this is helpful because you can access and control it from a multitude of formats. Put in reminders so that you stay on your A Game.
We spent a very long time looking for something visually gratifying when it came to an App that allowed us to take notes, write chapters for our future Trilogy or jot down gorgeous lyrics within and this was not an easy task. Although it was easy to find Apps where ideas could find a home in - we wanted something that would be fun to use as the translator from idea to written word - a sleek and inviting design, yet with that wild artistic edge - Bear App is the one we fell for. 
 We can speak from the experience of true procrastinators, the type of procrastinators who google "Proscrating" and spending time listening to YouTube videos on theories, signs, symptoms and cures to All Things Procrastination - been there. 
Ever noticed how when you've got relatives in town, or a friend who showed up early, before you completed your work  - you seem to fly by and accomplish a much greater deal? Similarly, timing for Increased Productivity is a major key in making time work for you, rather than against you. If you're feeling extra ambitious, we suggest breaking your tasks down into 5-10 sections and setting your alarm with 15 minutes increments. Although you may fall behind and find that you will need more time, you can adjust and will already have found yourself in "That Groove".
Specifically, we suggest the Timer+ , as well as the basic function of your Clock's Stopwatch in your Smart Phone. Label & set the alarm each alarm, stay the course. You'll be pleasantly surprised. 
Last but not least...
PitStop Musicians:
You know we couldn't leave out PitStop Musicians. It is officially one of the quickest emerging community tools for musicians. We not only strive to reach as broad and wide as a web of network as we can, but we do it with a pure, creative intention. Although PitStop has been on the scene for a short amount of time, we've already learned many lessons and have been able to appreciate the beauty in connecting musicians that may have not realized they were looking for one another previously. This connection can bring out a side of creativity that may have been untapped. It drops a tiny dose of control into the hands of the creative person who is just trying to find some direction in a very mysterious industry. This allows the user to focus on the fun parts, while they let us do the heavy-lifting of navigating and cataloging potential collaborators in their hometown and the cities they journey through.
The honorable mentions land in the department of Chops & Skills.
Depending on your instrument, we suggest for you to focus on one new skill per month, letting the app world aid you in that. Open up an app that focuses on a totally different instrument or genre and attempt to gain some insight from a different sound. Even if you have no idea what you're doing, remember that you came here for fun and nobody is judging the sneaky notes coming from your new Trumpet, being played from the comfort of your couch.
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K. O'Neil, PitStop Musicians