The 61st GRAMMY Awards. The Peak of Potential?

The 61st GRAMMYs Awards. The peak of potential? In some musician's minds (we're guilty of this too), any type of sharply shaped golden award can represent the "be-all, end-all", the physical marking of finally being able to say to our hometown friends that we "made it". On the flipside - Although it could be easy to laugh off the meaninglessness of a tiny piece of glorified metal, you've got to admit that it's an incredible evening of so much talent and inspiration under one roof. Not to mention, if you land a gig on this stage, you've got the world listening...

The GRAMMYs were first born on May 4th of 1959, now over fifty nine years ago - in Los Angeles, California. The heat of the spotlight of the evening was bared by winners that were in the top levels of their class, including Frank Sinatra, Henry Mancini, Ella Fitzgerald & Peggy Lee, winning for the forever striking song "Fever".
The GRAMMY's have maintained an air of mystique throughout the years, being the host to incredible performances and moving speeches, providing that necessary dose of inspiration delivered through a television screen to those who may never cross those star studded cities, unable to realize that their dreams could indeed be tangible. In the beginning, viewers were able to see the greats in the flesh, rather than just through a record player or on album art. Today, it's much different - we easily take for granted the viewing access we have into everyone's lives, via social media. 

This year, performers include Diana Ross, Red Hot Chili Peppers alongside Post Malone, Cardi B., Miley Cyrus, H.E.R, Shawn Mendes and the list of talent just keeps going and going and goi...

Although we are pushed for every performer, we have to admit that the cohabitation of Post Malone and the Chilli Peppers on one stage is something made only of dreams! We wish we thought up this brilliant duo. 
So, what are your thoughts for who should win for Best New Artist this year? Jorga Smith and Dua Lipa are up for it, among many other promising new talents. Album of The Year? Drake, Post Malone & Cardi B are all up to the challenge. All in all, all we hope for is an evening of ingenuity and sonic revelation. 
K. O'Neil, PitStop Musicians