The Benefits of Collaboration

In a time where teamwork and looking out for one another is more crucial than ever before, standing together and combining our creative powers to bring life to something beautiful seems to be just what the world needs right now. How can we bring out the best in one another's talents?

One of the most standout, beautiful things about collaboration is the merging of two worlds. This allows for the unique union between two completely different perspectives, histories and life experiences. We all learn so much for one another, picking up on and adapting to tiny nuances that you may not even notice until years later, once the pieces all begin to click. We often are unaware of the curves of our journey until we see it from the top of the mountain. Embrace each turn.

The Benefits of Collaboration2.jpegLet us not forget that you aren’t stuck with just teaming up with those of your usual particular genre. Diving into a world of the unfamiliar will force you to grow in directions that you didn’t even know you could go. If you’re curious as to where to find someone with a style completely out of your comfort zone, take to Instagram hashtags and you can find people from all around the world. PitStop is another perfect place to peruse through an incredible mix of musicians, linking to their pieces, so you can get a feel for what you jive with and what could potentially expand your palette. 

Going even further out on a limb, you can really strike a unique chord within your art if you team up with someone from a completely different art form, such as a cinematographer, graphic artist or ballerina. Imagine all the things you can learn about where rhythm and grace meet from the perspective of a dancer. You two can teach each other so much. The dancer could choreograph your piece or simply react to your music and let you know what flows naturally with the human body and what doesn't. 

The Buddy System has been referenced over and over again in our educational culture for a reason - it works. This allows for accountability, something that is extremely difficult to hold on tight to when it comes to the world of art. After you graduate school, unless you continue paying for classes or lessons, there are oftentimes no teachers breathing down your neck, making sure that projects are turned in and progress is made. You must become your own accountability manager and this is where having a buddy to help keep you on track comes in ever so handy. 

We love Atlassian’s take on it, “Great ideas don’t come from lone geniuses. Albert Einstein gets all the credit for discovering the theory of relativity, but the truth is that he relied on conversations with friends and colleagues to refine his concept. And that’s almost always the case. Behind every genius is a team, says Murphy. When people play off each other’s skills and knowledge, they can create solutions that are practical and useful.”

So, next time you’re feeling insecure or unsure about collaborating with another’s craft, just take the plunge. If you want a little bit of a boundary, this is the time to keep it virtual, allowing you to have a safe space to suss one another out and taking a bit of the pressure off.

Your playing could be forever influenced by just one session with someone who seems like they’re from a far away distant artistic land. It could end in you holding your guitar in a more effortless way or could change the entire scope of your future life’s work. The well of magnificent music is limitless, your only limit is yourself.