The Festival Experience - Is It Worth it?

AhFestival Blog.JPEGh, yes - that time of year has returned, festival season. If you haven’t made your way out to one of the many music festivals around the world, it can be easy to have FOMO  - as everything is dewy and dreamy through a filtered Instagram lens. What doesn’t shine through in the photos is the dust, the heat and the expensive food... is it worth it? YES!

Although here at PitStop, we may be gluttons for punishment, we wholeheartedly and strongly suggest that you absolutely must make it out to a weekend long festival at some point in your life. Nothing compares to the unique experience of "roughing it" - camping, not being able to get a good shower in and attempting to peel through the crowds. Some may say that the expensive food and inflating ticket prices are enough to convince you that you can just watch the shows from the comfort of your own couch - but we disagree. 

The upsides are what make it truly worth it. When and where else in your life will you be able to see this many of your favorite artists all in one place? The fact that you pay for one ticket for General Admission - if you're strategic - can make it incredible if you are able to get front row for as many shows as pFestival Pic.jpgossible. Let's not forget about the community. You'll meet so many new friends. Almost everyone will be in high spirits and will be open to the world around them. It truly is a lovely experience, intersecting music lovers from all around the world. 

What would we suggest as a few tips? First, you need to find the right people to attend the festival with. Choose your most free-spirited friends who won't worry about being dusty and uncomfortable. Next, you'll want to make sure that you find as much of a balance as you can - to be able to make use of the amazing lineups that are sure to intertwine. Try to get some sleep and make sure you fuel up. Eat healthy in order to maximize your energy levels. Finally, you know we need to say it - Go easy on that drinking! You'll thank yourself the next morning when you don't sleep through Day 2 and Day 3 of the festival, due to an accidental hangover. 

Accept that you won't be able to catch every show and every element that the festival has to offer. Explore and see some of the smaller stages with the newer artists - you just may become their newest, biggest fan.

Soak it up - this may be a once in a lifetime experience!