The Healing of Hz: Singing Bowls & Beyond

Have you heard about the healing powers behind certain frequencies, such as the sounds of singing bowls or even the buzzing of bees? Let us look into the possibilities of these incredible sonic aspects that are often overlooked as the visual world around us takes precedence. Let's explore. 

So, whether you’re a musician or a music lover, we think it’s pretty safe to say that music does have an unexplainable power over our emotions. It allows sadness and happiness to move through us, sometimes igniting it and sometimes bringing it peace. One of the most mind blowing wonders when it comes to the force of sound is the fact that the same exact frequencies can have different effects on our moods and states of mind depending on their arrangement, whether it be an upbeat party song or a drawn out tale of romance or fears. Music is elusive in that way, as it is always hard to pin down because it has the supernatural ability to adapt and then reform and adapt again. 

Did you know that some theories support that even creatures among us can emit a frequency that has healing powers? So, it’s not just music, but the actual frequency itself that is able to transmute, or alchemize, our bodies. HUSO fills us in on the power behind the frequency of many bees with “Bumblebees have an average buzz frequency of 270 Hz, resonating with a C-sharp on a piano (just above middle C). The frequencies that bees emit resonate with organic tissues that promote healing. In humans, the brain also can entrain to these sounds for an overall calming effect.” This has been shown to be true based on a wide range of species within the bee community. It has even been stated by many sources that beekeepers are often the most famed profession who has the longest life expectancy! This certainly makes us want to take up beekeeping.



In this same sentiment, we’d like to explore the world of crystal singing bowls. Where does one even begin if they want to purchase one and test it out on their own? First, we suggest doing some serious research. To break it down as a short introduction, many fans have said that the frequencies of sound bowls, made of varying materials and varying strength, are able to reduce pain, tension, anxiety and unresolved trauma in the body, with the mind following suit and finding peace within that release of physical energy. The science behind it is explored by Corporate Wellness Magazine with “Quantum physics teaches that atoms are made of vortices of energy, each radiating its own energetic signature. From the level of an atom to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, everything in creation has a frequency. Every thought and feeling, every organ, every part of our body has a vibration, even every illness. When the vibration is in harmony with the rest of the body, we experience health. When it lacks harmony, we experience dis-ease.” The frequencies, similar to the bees, are believed to transform the energy into a positive and calm element. In terms of materials, it is said that pure crystal quartz, or as close as you can get, typically a bit shy of 100%, is the most powerful when it comes to alchemy. 

This all makes us curious about what other sounds among us have power to change our negativity and hurt into positivity and beauty? Guess who might be hiding in plain sight around your house? Your cat! It’s been researched and theorized that cats can actually benefit their owners, as the statistics show that non-cat owners have a lower life expectancy than those who are cat households, including a third less risk of heart attacks too. When it comes to the healing powers that emit from the world around us, perhaps it's been there all along and we've been given so much opportunity to transmute the negative aspects of life that we encounter, but we've overlooked them as being too simple or too good to be try. What would happen if we leaned into them and just trusted them? Stay tuned for next week where we'll explore how to choose, interact and adopt these tools and practices such as singing bowls to actually see a difference in our daily life.