The Importance of Having a Lifelong Music Teacher

Did you know that Mariah Carey still gets singing lessons and has done so throughout her entire career as a legendary vocalist? Even then, when you’ve reached that level of superstardom and expertise, it’s still crucial to have that extra unbiased ear keeping you on track alongside growing.

In the past, we’ve discussed the benefits of teaching children music at a young age and how it can lead to exponential leaps and bounds within their development and growth in varying areas of their brain. Today, we’ll touch on something that is often overlooked, that of the lifetime student. In our humble opinion, it’s important to maintain that innocence and perspective from a new viewer. 

Now, just like anything, it’s important to choose something that is suitable for you. We highly suggest that you find a teacher that embraces a style of music that you prefer, unless you’re looking to begin a new chapter in your art or just looking for some new inspiration and perspective. If you’re looking to hon in on the basics of your preferred instrument and/or genre, then we suggest that you do some serious research, ask around to the peers whom you admire and even take a chance at reaching out to some of those teachers who taught your favorite artists. You may be surprised that their rates may be competitive, they may drop by or live in your city and they might just be able to put their special touch on your technique without you having to a break the bank.

Open Mic UK fills us in with “The right singing teacher should make you feel comfortable and at ease, be supportive and motivational and work with you at your own pace to bring out the best in your voice, so you not only feel and hear improvement in your voice but you also really enjoy the experience.”

It’s easy to feel like since we’ve hit the stage with thousands of fans or have experienced a high level of views on our song’s youtube channel - that we’ve mastered our craft and have finally arrived. Not so fast. We love MusicNotes thoughts on the benefits of taking lessons. They suggest that a music instructor will “hold you accountable, give you an individualized approach to your practice, answer specific questions, troubleshoot problems, open new doors to musical ideas, help you stay committed” and so much more. 

Much akin to your car, your house, your plants, your friendships - everything in life needs maintenance, including your technique. It’s wonderfully crucial to have those in your life who can paint you a fresh perspective. This is where a fitting music instructor comes in.