The Ingredients of a Love Song

Tis the season of LOVE. As this upcoming Valentine's Day glow becomes stronger and clearer in the distant light - some of us are counting our lucky stars for being fifty percent of a rock solid, Disney-romance type of love. As for the others, not so fast - we may not be weeping over the lack of a Valentine this year - instead, we may be planning the evening around what instruments we'll be using during our ever so peaceful songwriting session, while the city bustles about - in love.
One may wonder - how does a song of romance come to be? Do you have to be in love to write one successfully so that feels like it was really birthed from the gut? Could you just google what it feels like, play the prettiest major chords against an array of free-floating-feeling metaphors and hope that nobody was the wiser? Would it make the listener feel like they were falling in love? We know we've heard those songs that take us to a place we didn't even know how to reach on our own. How does the songwriter accomplish this? 
Some may say, that when you're experiencing the emotion that is the core idea of the song - you're too busy living it, too pumped full of serotonin to focus long enough to put the pen to paper. And, once you've had some time to process the whole scenario - that's when the lyrics starting flowing. Yet some can write their emotions as they feel them, able to clearly separate life as it is happening to them - being able to analyze the passing moment.
Now to the juicy part. The ingredients that make up a love song. Could it be - a whimsical, multi-harmonic, ever so complicated melody that allows us to sail away with it? We must also take into account - the beat. Should it be tribal, animalistic, echoing the very root of chemistry? Something undeniable, unexplainable, unescapable. 
Lastly, there's the cocktail of alphabet that make up each word that, when strung together, should create an image in our mind. Lyrically, Beyonce & Drake's "Mine" comes to mind - We are forever swooning over lyrics that really tell the truth of the trials and tribulations of a relationship. Not just good days and dreamy nights, but the poetry that spotlights the blinding pain and effort that it takes to really make a relationship - Especially in the thickening climate of the modern day love story. 

We'd say that no matter what dash of this or that is in the recipe for a love song - the only necessary item that has to be mixed in each & every time - real, raw emotion. You can't deny it, you can't pretend it's not there - it's the type of song that gets a reaction that sneaks up on the listener - a teardrop of a lost love - a feeling of nostalgia that you didn't even know you had buried down deep. As a songwriter, all you need to do is believe it & mean it.
- K. O'Neil, PitStop Musicians