The Intersection of Creativity & Time Management

The Intersection of Creativity & Time Management

And now introducing, a topic that is debatably less than favorable among artistic types and diehard Type A personalities. Is there an in between? Is the differentiation between the two just the other having undiagnosed exactly what particular creative niche would come naturally to them? Or, from the opposite end, has the cliché messy, frazzled, short circuiting artistic type Just not found the best way to keep themselves focused & on track?

Alongside those thoughts, It is my personal opinion, That the one way to almost guarantee success is to strike that delicate balance between living in a free-flowing all inspiring always effervescent space, while also existing In a rigid state of mind much like if Ikea designed synapses of the brain.

If one were to find that delicate in between, I imagine that creative time would be well spent, with Olympic level time management & structural strategy skills.

Below, we touch on five ways to attempt to strike the balance between the two. Let's get to it...

1. The Buddy System

The ideas that make up these five suggestions are really intended to make you more productive person in general, to give you more time to do the stuff you love.

One method in which we truly believe in, is using The Buddy System when you're attempting to complete tasks that don't interest you. Say you've got to do your taxes, respond back to some emails, look for apartments online... see how well it helps to have your friend come over and each of you focus on separate tasks, simultaneously, while you have a movie entertain you both in the background or a tasty snack makes the breaks in between feel longer. 

If you don't think you'll be able to focus with your friends around - Go to a coffee shop and put your headphones on - Embrace the typing sounds that are filling the room. It will help you more than you may realize, to be around people who are perfecting their aim in a multitude of fashions.

2. Multi-Task

You’d be amazed at what you can accomplish if you can employ a healthy dose of multitasking as often as possible. So you’re sitting in the parking lot of your laundromat waiting for clothes to dry, you’d be amazed at what 10 minutes of focus can accomplish. If you’re the owner of a smart phone, you may have the capability of accessing a hotspot. Your Wi-Fi can be accessed from any remote location and you can get to work and make use of your time waiting. 

Waiting in line at the grocery store? You can catch up on some work emails or take a look through your upcoming calendar for the next few weeks and mentally prepare for the every day things to get in the way of things going perfectly smoothly.

3. The Power of “No”

Despite the fact that it seems as though it’s the most absurd thing to complain about, let alone even mention, being too social of person can lead to weekends, weeks and even years of time spent pleasing others for the simple reason of not being able to say no. If you’re pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, You’re more than likely than not, living in a large city. A large city of course means opportunities but it also means multitude of people at every new location you explore. When trying to keep up with friends who You only met once, or the friends who I’ve known for a long not to mention the constant influx of visitors who use your tiny studio apartment as a hotel. Not that you don’t love each and everyone of them individually, but it’s just a bit unrealistic to try to maintain burning the candle at both ends.

It’s OK to say no to going out. It’s OK to hibernate a few weekends consecutively. It’s OK to let your friends know that it’s important that you focus on the task at hand and you’ll catch them as soon as you make some sense of everything.

4. Employ the Buffer Zone

Being ahead of schedule seems to be the key cracking code to creating more time and less anxiety for yourself. We suggest mentally checking yourself into thinking that something is due sooner than it is this will create the necessary buffer zone, that room for error

5. Reward Yourself

Consider giving yourself just a little bit of slack. Be disciplined enough to reach your goals but love yourself enough to give into those mornings where you just want to sleep in, those new headphones that are looking oh so shiny, or the ever luxurious - just adding guacamole to your lunch order.

Recognize those little things that you'd love to upgrade in your life and allow yourself to enjoy just a little bit of the money that you work so hard for. It won't make your efforts seem so taxing. 

Hang in there! The intersection of creativity and time management has so many more elements than what we've mentioned above. Stay tuned to a deeper dive into creative strategies. 

K. O'Neil, PitStop Musicians