The Making of a Legend

Are legends born or are they created? Is it the harrowing process of the journey that allows the legend to gain the title of the monumental, the limitless, the type of person that we should all aspire to be? Or, were these particular people gifted with something special from day one in their very own DNA? 

Well, the answer to this is, just like everything else, quite subjective, meaning that the time, place, who, what, where, when and context of every tiny detail comes into play when trying to get answers to such a massive question. So, here we are, left with the every present question of every pending answer - Is it nature or nature? 

With music, some are gifted with a particular tone and others are gifted with allowing themselves to gift time to their schedule, which enables them to practice. If anything, the art and gift of focus may be the most potent and necessary ingredient in the making of a legend. It times time to fail a million times over, to realize the error of your ways and then shake yourself off and re-adjust. 


In our opinion, what really makes a legend is the type of stamina and passion that the person embodies - their will to live, to adventure and to create a space where they are able to be poetic about all of life's twists and turns.

A legend is a person who is able to give the gift of ambition, determination and hope to another. A legend gives the listener, audience, art interpreter, the ability to cry. A legend transforms life pains into something beautiful, something tangible, something educational. 

Legends make their very own unique mark on the world. They are seemingly fearless, even if they hold insecurity close to their heart, the audience is never typically aware of just how vulverable they are. A legend is someone who is very much their own truth, they are themselves in the most raw and sensitive way. They truly do leave a part of themselves living forever within our history, passing on the gift of love of life.