The Modern Day Love Song

The modern day love song looks quite different from eras of a previous state of the world. Are our lyrics these days a little less romantic and a little more rough around the edges? Is there still a sweetness at the core of most sounds these days or have we lost touch with the art of a love song?

We can all relate, can’t we? If you really think about your bank of already written songs, your favorite songs or your most-used playlist - then you may come to realize that may of these songs are about love and even the ones that aren’t about love- are still about the love of something, be it money, fame, freedom… you name it.

If one attempted to put their finger on it, we could say that we are all equally as obsesed with love as generations past, but perhaps it's both the manner in which we express it and what exactly we love - that has changed. In 2020, it was found that love is still indeed the most popular topic when it comes to songwriters and listeners, however that number did fall around 57% which is a bit surprising to us, as we may have expected it to be more!

These days, many songwriters love to embrace the lifestyle of freedom and fun. When this occurs, love is less of a focus, while maybe living your life to the fullest has become the focus. Additionally to living life as wonderfully as you can, many songs have also become striking and specifically honest. Many of our favorite rappers, singers, producers and songwriters have chosen to bare their true heart and soul, holding nothing back, despite how hurtful or embarrassing the truth behind their lyrics may be.

So, how does this compare to the past? Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of Elvis songs that are quite raunchy and when taken in the terms they were intended, these tracks could even spar with the best of some rap lyrics today! Often times, we get lost in the performance in front of these songs and the words can sometimes be taken as more or less romantic. You may wonder what is the most famous modern love song of all time? Can you guess? It's "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston. with Mariah Carey, Otis Redding, Beyonce and Adele following oh so close behind. themoderndaylovesongpitstop2.jpg'

So, why do so many of us listeners fall for the doe eyed tracks in the first place? Why do so many of us torture ourselves with songs that remind us of beautiful moments that are now a thing of the past? It's been said many times that the reason why love songs are so popular is because we can all truly relate. When connecting with your listener, the best thing a songwriter can do is be authentic and real. We often try too hard and miss the mark, when we could have tried less hard and just been more sincere and hit the target every single time.