The Rise of the Virtual Gig

If you haven't been lucky enough to be graced by the request of a live virtual gig during this questionable year of 2020, then perhaps after we shed a little light on it, you'll want to seek one out. The virtual live gigs are keeping many musicians afloat while we strategize on where to go next.

This is the time to use your resources and make the most of the knowledge of those around you who only want to encourage and support your success. You’d be shocked to learn just how many people have useful tips and tricks of how to survive in any particular industry. Many generations of the past have looked at asking for help as a negative. 

The Rise of the Virtual Gig_PitStop Musicians2.jpgIn recent years, asking for help is now seen as a source of inner strength, being able to admit that we need advice when we need it, showing that we aren’t afraid to be honest with ourselves and those around us. So, this is the time to engage those muscles and start asking around. Inquire about how your friends and fellow creatives are making money during this tough time. Although combined with your ideas and those we’ve come up with, you’ll be amazed to see just how crafty and effective a few brainstorming sessions are. 

You may have witnessed a multitude of online gigs that are currently occurring, on a range of levels. On the most recognizable platform, D-Nice, the quarantine king DJ, just replaced an orchestra for the recent Emmy’s Awards show. This is the time to make your other talents work for you or find where they can work in a new space that wouldn't have fit well before. 

For those who aren’t getting the type of calls that D-Nice has been getting, there’s still a huge wide world out there for you. With many of these Zoom meetings, weddings and parties - there is still a request for entertainment. The trick here is finding them. The best option right now is to simply keep your ears open and mingle with everyone you can. It’s okay to casually let people know that you’re looking for some creative work.

A wonderful example of turning lemons into lemonade is this new wave of online concerts, even for massive artists. On October 15th, “Glass Animals will reimagine their live show as a broadcast dubbed "Live In The Internet." The show will feature a full band performance, special guests and creative fan interaction -- all in a striking virtual space. Tickets for "Live In The Internet" go on general sale at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 25 here.” So many of your favorite artists are doing this very thing from the comfort of their own home. If you get just a little crafty with your space to film in, you can too. 

If you haven’t noticed yet, festivals are now getting back into the mix - through a screen! “The Monterey Jazz Festival goes virtual for its 63rd annual event. Artists will be announced beginning July 21. The festival will stream on YouTube beginning at 8 p.m. ET each day. Alongside Bonnaroo, which was canceled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, will be holding its first Virtual Roo-Ality festival. The event will feature new performances and panels, as well as iconic sets from the festival's archives. The free, three-day event begins streaming at 5:30 p.m. ET each day on Bonnaroo's YouTube channel.”

If you’ve exhausted all possible options at infiltrating the current virtual gig industry, then create a space for yourself! Take the model and make it your own. Have you heard of the quote “If you build it, they will come”. It’s too true, as every company had to start somewhere, everything was from the origin of one sparked idea. As long as you are able to make your rent, basic bills and put food on the table - it may be wise to invest some extra  time into your strategy schedule. This is the time to soak up the changes in the world around us and get creative. 

In a near future blog, we’ll touch on the live socially distanced performances that are currently happening at Drive-Ins and beyond. If you’re a performer, it’s a must to stay tuned. If we try to put on just a light pair of rose colored glasses for a moment or two, we can see that this may be the perfect time to evaluate ourselves, our artistic passions and the industry that they must exist within.