The Schedules of the Successful

image-2019-05-10.jpgThese days, there are self-help gurus at every twist and turn that you've been taking on your journey into unknown cities and uncharted scenes. You can spend weeks reading at Barnes & Noble and every page will tell you what you should do and it's seemingly endless. You try your best to be the best you that you can be, yet you're still in stuck in a 9-5 and struggling to pay the rent.

We've done a bit of our own traveling of the highs and loves of trying to "make it" and we can safely say that we've learned all the things that you should not do... So, we wanted to put a little twist on lessons in success and remind you that you should pat yourself on the back, take it a little easy, recognize all of the things that you do right - and shine a little light on the top three things that you should strictly avoid - if you're going to do anything at all - this is where you can get tripped up!

1. Don't Give Up. No matter what. But, do give into bad days. 

Accept the fact that some days you'll just feel off. Don't force creativity and extra A+ Student type of behavior. You'll burn out so fast. On the days that you're just not feeling it - take care of what you need to, but put most of the hours aside for doing things like your laundry, the dishes, washing your hair.

2. Don't Crash & Burn. Let Yourself Sleep In. 

Let yourself sleep in. Go easy on yourself sometimes. If you treat your body and soul like machines, they're going to break down, just like any other metal filled entity. Give yourself some room to breathe, hit the beach and sleep in sometimes. Indulge a little. Too strict of a schedule will make you go insane, faster than you can say...

3. Don't Think Negative. Surround Yourself with Success.

Nevermind having friends living in gorgeous high-rise apartments, with 401k's before the age of 35. We suggest that the most important aspect of your friend's group is the mentality of success. If they are working towards a brighter better version of themself - that's all you need in the people around you. Mentality is contagious, for both good and bad. Accept that they'll have off days too, but attempts at consistency is key. That's all we can all ask for. 

Go easy on yourself. Life is supposed to be fun too!