The Science Behind Endlessly Mystical Inspiration

Is the act of art always a vague, mystical, untamable, element or can we break it down to a science in order to potentially find a way to navigate it a little better? Is this even possible, and if it is, is it a bit against the rules? We think a dash of this and a dash of that can only make the final edit the sweetest. Let us explore more. 

Inspiration is a funny little thing. Just when we think we’ve stumbled upon an ever-flowing waterfall of good ideas, we find ourselves stuck in the strangest of spots. Sometimes after we get a good creative run in, we can remain listless and unawoken for months or even years. Some believe that this is the stage where we almost develop, grow and nurture new ideas before giving birth to the final version that makes it out into the world. 

Divided by Frontier, “The tripartite conceptualization specifies the three core characteristics of the state of inspiration: evocation, transcendence, and approach motivation.” Within this theory, it is shown that an almost scientific method can be used to cultivate the nutrient dense space where inspiration is most likely to occur - however there are no absolutes when it comes to this. Sometimes a chord is simply struck and other times it is not. 

The same team of researchers also found that there are two very specific periods within the process, that of a “passive process that they called being inspired by, and a relatively active process that they called being inspired to”. Oddly enough, alongside that point, inspiration does appear to almost find us, rather than the us finding it, 

It could be said that many moments of genius pass through all of our minds throughout the day when it comes to the thousands of thoughts that one experiences in a 24 hour span. The difference between those who listen for the spirit of inspiration and those who don’t - lies simply in the willingness. If you listen and look, you will find it. Next up determines how you handle this spark of innovation - Will you bring it to fruition or will it live forever as a “what if” in the mind? This could also be interpreted as the “motivational response”. This is what lies between dreams living forever in the dreamworld or becoming a real reality. 

So, despite this little dose of science that we’ve left to you, there are still plenty of believers that true artistry is a gift given by the unknown gods among us. Some believe that talent can be taught, while others think that they are a vessel for the song to be delivered through. Ultimately, no matter what the origin, the beauty that inspires us to live life thoroughly and with love, is welcomed regardless of where it came from. We’re just happy that it chose to arrive in any form to see it!