Time Traveling with PitStop Press - The Desert Daze Edition 


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Back to October 10th - 13th 2018....


What a curious, quizzical, out in the boondocks, yet ever-so-charming stretch of seventy-two hours, three days. Desert Daze, twenty-eighteen. Just a little over sixty-six miles outside of L.A., where dark two lane highways fade into one lane highways, we turn into Moreno Beach.


PitStop Musicians had "one-go" at the pace and embrace of nature in the every so small dose that made up Echo Park Rising. A super cool city festival in Los Angeles, that felt a bit more secure, tucked inside a city, safer from the elements.  


At this particular event, we met less musicians but we met more fans. Regardless of their lack of a need or desire regarding all things "professional musician", it was enlightening to encounter the personification of the level that the developers envision as PitStop's level of "Just For Fun". Those who play music when the love for it strikes them, be it in a drum circle camping for the weekend, only one performance their entire life - or just wanting to have some fun strumming along, learning classics with a new friend. PitStop's here for that.


Back to Desert Daze. The one wrench was the one line item that everyone almost always forgets to remember - the reality of nature - the elements. On Friday night, just as everyone was just getting comfortable, ready to be fully embracing a sweaty, thirsty, enlightening festival lifestyle type of weekend - it all disappeared as Tame Impala plugged in. As they play, a fog and mist fills a layer above the jam-packed crowd. A first time hearing "Let It Happen" mixing with rain picking up it's rhythm. Lightening ensued.


Just a few songs in, a gentleman host came out and informed everyone that they had to go home due to dangerous weather conditions. The rain began to pour. This led to a social media uproar and an immediate mood drop. We immediately felt for the crew, the musicians, the staff, the hosts... every last person put all of their efforts into something that they ended up having no control over. On the flip side - it was fulfilling to see the camaraderie and compassion that is shown in any type of, albeit tiny, disaster. Everyone felt for one another and turned in for the evening. Desert Daze did a fabulous job at communicating and ensuring safety among their guests via social media and announcements on site.


The weekend quickly shaped up and the sun came out. It grew into a lovely day that soon spilled into the evenings, the type that makes you appreciate when things go as planned. PitStop met more and more art lovers and open minded people as the hours passed. Everyone we met were excited to interact with all walks of life, all types of musicians and music fans.


Inside the PitStop Activation, we held interviews, took Diva Ring lit headshots of visiting musicians with our very own Diva Ring Light (ooo, so nice) and provided collection for the Complimentary General & VIP Tickets that we gave away just a few weeks before the festival. No strings attached, just to have fun. Our Super VIP winner was Coreisa Janelle Lee. She traveled all the way from the East Coast, stopping by our activation for a photo-shoot with her flute! Be sure to search for her on the PitStop Musicians app if you're looking for an incredible flutist.


Stay tuned for the feature releases of Desert Daze on our social media. If you'd like to come by for complimentary headshots, a dose or two of Kombucha on tap, a relaxing relief outside of the hot sun - then keep an eye out this festival sason for our submission announcements. It was a wonderful experience to meet such a mixture of cultures, genres and art divisions. So much positive energy with a backdrop of the lake, Moreno Beach itself!