Top 5 Reasons to Get A Job in the Music Business as a Musician

Upon first moving to Los Angeles, it was spoken of on a regular basis - that if you wanted to be an artist and be signed to a label - it would be a colossal failure if you attempted to get a job at a label. People have said that the label will look at you as a "worker" or a "civilian." Almost just a little too normal to ever take seriously as an artist, despite how twisted and far that may be from the truth. Below, we dig into a few reasons why it might not be a terrible idea to throw caution to the wind and just go for it - apply and see where the chips fall!image-2019-04-20.jpg
1. You get the inside view. When working inside a professional format in the music business, say a label, you're able to see the methods in which the strings are pulled behind the scenes. If you're there long enough, you'll really be able to grab hold of the evolution of the companies, witnessing the overturn and evolution of your colleagues. If you end up signing to them, you'll be familiar with their strategies and the teams behind them. 
2. You're around people who have the same goals as you. We don't put anything against those who choose the be waitresses while they're songwriting during the evening - we've been there many, many times! The benefit of choosing a position within the industry while you're perfecting your craft is that you're surrounding with like-minded individuals. 
3. Meet somewhere in the middle. Perhaps a label or publishing house is "too business" - Why not find an entry position at a recording studio? If you're a songwriter or really any type of musician, you can soak up so much in an artistic environment that is still stable. It may still be a 9-5, but it will be one of the most exciting and inspirational format that you can collect a weekly check from. 
4. You'll learn other's mistakes without having to make them. Sometimes seeing rockstars living the life you want to live while you're photocopying their tour rider in the back of your office - can be a little disheartening. However, things aren't always glamorous - when a PR nightmare comes into full effect or a particular single "flops" - you have the rare ability to learn from others mistakes without having to make them yourself. Soak up the lessons. 
5. Number 5 is less of a reason to get the job and more of a tip. When you do land that gig, we caution you to be too pushy about your artistic goals - as this can often upset those around you if they simply need you to do the job that you were hired for. We wouldn't suggest to hide this from them, just to allow them to discover it on their own. 
At the end of the day, don't sweat it. All of our journeys will have so many twists and turns as you look back and grow older. No matter what choices you make, as long as they are done with good intention, you can trust that as long as you take the lessons from each experience, you have done well. Trust the process. What doesn't work, may alter your path for something much more fitting. Hang in there.