Tough Topics | Communication for the Musician

Taking the easy way out comes down to not facing your fears. We must instead find the strength in looking them directly in the eye. It is the only way that we can take our power back. These days especially, tough topics are being brought to light. How does one carry a sincere & open conversation when the hearts behind them are so heavy? 

The root of poor communication that can grow into decades and centuries of a social unrest is often layered in a multitude of issues, conditioning and so much more. One of these layers that is easiest to identify is the seemingly simple problem: misunderstandings. 

woman-in-black-pitstop-musicians-singing-4090223 (1).jpgIn a perfect world, conversations would be structured and easy like filling out a worksheet, a method of dotting your i’s. In the real world, it’s quite a mess. When speaking, we become flooded with emotions that have been brimming at the surface our entire lives. In just a sentence, so many injustices, so much pain and so many wounds are boiling underneath. 

Creating a safe space is the first step in gearing up to discuss tough topics. In the recent weeks, you may have found yourself completely unprepared for the conversations that you found yourself navigating. These talks often surprise us and are unexpected, they’ll catch you on your way out the door, while you’re stressed about a thousand other things - this can make it even more troublesome to approach from a place of peace and balance.

One of our very favorite quotes was spoken by Ghandi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Make an attempt to speak calmly and clearly. We know that life isn’t so cut and dry where you’re able to have perfect conversations, as things often quite heated and become out of control before you even know, however you can make attempts to come back to center when trying to remain cool, calm and collected. 

Find a way to speak your mind and your truth without sugarcoating. While we often sugarcoat in order to spare the feelings of others, and sometimes in order to spare the hard feelings of attempts at honesty for ourselves, this typically adds fuel to the fire in a way one may not expect. Imagine not cleaning those sticky corners of your fridge for decades. It will only get worse and then turn into mold and then make you sick. Letting problems go by unchecked can seem like the easiest solution when the moment strikes, but you must find a way of balance. Your future generations will thank you.