We’re Digging the Drive-In Concerts

One very futuristic element that the year of 2020 has brought to us is the art of the drive-in concert. This is the type of live show that dreams are made of. Skip the sweaty fellow concert goers and that oh-so-tall guy in the front row. We're so ready to pop some popcorn, hop in our four wheels and embrace this new way of experiencing stage performance as we know it. 
We’re Digging The Drive-In Concerts_PitStop Musicians.jpgStarting with the greats, The Beach Boys have been kicking off a three drive-in tour between California and Arizona. Fans have been eagerly partaking and seizing the opportunity to catch this musical mainstay despite it not being under the circumstances and conditions that we have all become quite accustomed to. This debatably better than virtual version of a live performance has been captured by each and every genre, as well. “Snoop Dogg has been spinning two sets as DJ Snoopadelic as part of the Concerts in Your Car series. He just played the Ventura County Fairgrounds and the Del Mar Fairgrounds.”
Depending on the city and state’s location of the concert, there are varying rules and regulations. For some, you are able to drive-on to the lot and find your own parking space. An alternative is being able to choose your own socially distanced space on the lawn. As you can see, the industry is making a very good attempt at bringing live music back to us, but the versions of this still must remain outdoors or within your own enclosed space, like your car.
“SiriusXM and Pandora has previewed the upcoming "Encore Drive-In Nights Series" concert movie featuring Metallica for SiriusXM subscribers at Warwick Drive-In Theater in Warwick, NY. Prior to the private concert preview, Metallica virtually joined in the event for a fan Q&A and interview, hosted by Liquid Metal’s Jose Mangin.”
We strongly suggest to arrive early and to continue to follow the law. Despite the fact that much of our current climate has run awry, police are still ticketing for any trouble that may arise. When outside of your car, you must remain in your sectioned off space. 
If you’re curious about the sound quality of this type of event, we’re here to clue you in. Not only will the sound be available via the traditional drive-in method, by a set FM radio station that is provided to viewers upon arrival - in addition, there will also be LED screens setup with typical soundstage speakers dispersed throughout the entire space. This will ensure for proper sound whether you’re in your car or in the designated space around it. 
Among this craze, records are already being set. Ticketmaster touched on the phenomenon with “Garth Brooks pulled off quite a performance on June 27 when he hosted a viewing of a recorded performance that was transmitted to more than 300 drive-in theaters. “Thank you @garthbrooks for including ‘We Shall Be Free’ in tonight’s #DriveInConcert. Rarely has a song fit the times more than that one does right now,” Tweeted a fan after the show. Expect more artists to jump on board, coming up with even more innovative ways to make your drive-in concert experience unforgettable.”
We cannot wait to get out there and experience this firsthand. We suggest that you do the same, but be sure to stay safe. This new wave of getting a new way of creative when it comes to concerts is certainly promising for an industry that has been hit so hard due to COVID. Stay tuned for later this week when we touch on how the unfolding of the events of 2020 has affected the people who make it happen behind the scenes of the touring industry. The good news is that things seem to be looking up.