What Makes A Song Sound Like The Holidays?

How is it that right after Halloween, you can be browsing an aisle at your favorite department store and as soon as you hear those ever so particular bells ring on on the sound system, you know that holiday music is back in action? Holiday tunes are some of the most cherished, joyful and gorgeous pieces of music that our society has created. How can we write some of our very own to live on for future children to come?

So, imagine you’re stuck at the piano, stumped, trying to create a tune that will be spotlit in little ones dreams? Writing music itself is already so rough, it’s debatable as to whether or not guidelines and attempting to create a certain sound is almost easier than having an empty canvas to work from. The possibilities being endless almost creates more pressure on the songwriter and/or creator.


If you listen closely enough, you’ll realize that a few defining factors come to mind when it comes to a particularly wonderful and joy-invoking holiday song. First, we must always embrace the choir. There’s something that occurs when voices join as one, almost as if it feels like peace on earth just may be possible. It’s a feeling that cannot be replicated easy, but when done well and with heart, it can move the room of grand proportions. 

Next is all things bells, chimes, any timpani that is placed within the piece in a way that brings a deep sense of celebration into the listener. These higher, precise pitches have an incredible way of bringing magic into our worlds effortlessly. Alongside these, a symphony may appear woven around them. The strings give us hope, as they're always melodically reaching for the best, most alive moment.

Let us not forget the lyrical content. For many listeners, this is what has created lasting holiday memories for us all. Speaking from the heart, as it is usually true with any sample of sound, can be heard as purely as the ear will translate. We can feel the effect that lyrics that mean something to the songwriter resonate as. In order to embody these, you’ve got to cut straight to the center of your feelings and you may be surprised to find out that so many of us feel the same. Remember now, the holiday season doesn’t always have to be glistening positivity if that’s not how you’re feeling. Being honest about having a tough time through the holidays can resonate with an entire other side of the world. Be yourself and no matter what your listener is experiencing during this wintery wonderland, they’ll be thankful that you took the time to capture this lovely season into a song.