When You Feel Like Giving Up On Your Dream

That ever-so-dreaded day will come where you wake up just not feeling "into it" - where you've had so many things go wrong in a short period of time and you just feel like it will never go right. Shift your focus onto the other elements of life that you've been neglecting. We want to dive a little deeper into the serious heaviness of this question when it just seems to refuse to discontinue it's lingering in the mind. 

Accept the fact that a bad day is only a bad day, it's not a "new you." Try to shake the funk by testing out a few of our favorite tips of how not to give up on your dream, below. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 11.42.45 AM.png1. Shift Your Focus. Try out a new hobby, even if it's for an evening. Go ice skating, do something physical if something cerebral that is your usual taste for art. Paint something. Build something. Have fun and take the pressure off of your real dream.

2. Pat yourself on the back. Think about how far you've come. Think of yourself, five years ago, two months ago, last week. Rome wasn't built in a day. You've done so much, you need to take the time to soak it up and enjoy the moment.

3. Take a break from social media. Stop comparing yourself to others and feeling like you need to create the perfect day to be displayed to impress all of your followers. When you wake up and repeat the cycle endlessly, you'll burn out rather quick. Don't post when you don't feel like it. Remember that everyone else's lives are perfect angles and filters. Be you. They'll all love you more for it. 

4. Talk to others. Often times, we never know how much we mean to others. You'd be surprised how many people look up to you, especially if you've overcome hurdles and made it out of situations that were seemingly black holes. You never know who you are inspiring and when. if you're feeling particularly down, ask a family member or friend to remind you about yourself. That's what friends are for. It's okay to be honest about when you're not feeling so hot and needing a quick little dash and dose of confidence. 

5. Try to view yourself from the perspective you as a kid. What advice would you give yourself? Remember why you started. Pure love and enjoyment for your artistry of choice. Go easy on yourself.