Where Fashion Meets The Music Industry

Fashion is one of those tricky little elements that is quite literally woven into the fabric of our daily lives and more metaphorically stitched with our ideas, morals, individualism and pack mentality. If you look a little closer, you may see that the colors and styles which you choose to wear represent a lot more than just keeping you warm on a winter day. So, where does music come into play within these stories of seams?

So, what is fashion anyway? Each and every one of us have our own style and fashion sense, despite how basic we may think that we are in our natural inclinations towards textures, patterns and fabrics. If we pay attention to the details, you may notice how you’re emotionally tied to that hoodie that was passed down by your grandfather. It may not be the hottest brand out, but it sure does remind you of the good times - this is fashion too. Fashion tied up with memories. Fashion is simply how you express yourself through your clothing, whether it’s something comforting, flashy, decadent or cutting edge. If we’re attempting to get a little more technical in terms of definition, we can look to this fitting form of “Fashion is a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior” or so is the perspective of Oxford Languages and their take on the general consensus of what fashion is. 

Rather than asking what fashion is, we may instead ask ‘what isn’t it?” Fashion can be a white tee shirt or an epically sparkly dog collar on your best little buddy. One of the most beautiful aspects of fashion is that it continues to maintain its futuristic habits, consistently morphing and taking on many, many forms. This is what we can use as our starting point, as music's freedom loving self often runs parallel to the wisdom and wildness of what fashion means to most of us. 


Each genre has had it’s own influence over the people and the behavior of each passing era. One of our favorites include the 1920’s flappers influence, where “In today’s day and age jazz music may seem squeaky clean and innocent, but it was extremely scandalous during its early years because it was the first form of music that was played almost exclusively at nightclubs and speakeasies that hosted people of all races. Jazz music also tended to have strong feminist undertones, which changed the way women behaved and dressed.” Some other genius must-have notables include rap’s influence over fashion, alongside hippies, the punk scene, teen idol pop, rockabilly rock and oh so much more.

Artists, bands, dancers, set design, producers, conductors and every other creative you can think of - they all bring their own unique style into the picture. Not only do they bring their fashion sense, but it is often accompanied by a stylized musical manner as well. Just like most people, most artistics often influence others with their special twist and take on the world around them. Did you ever notice how you will pick up a habit of those that you love and are close to around you? You may notice that some of your favorite fashion trends were first seen on an artist or two that you fell for. This is only natural, but with a large platform that many musicians acquire, with that comes the influencer over particular fashion trends and movements.