Where to Find Music in Your New City

Have you found yourself in a new, unfamiliar city, without any idea at all as to how you can find some entertainment? Perhaps you're not the exploring type and you'd much prefer to have an exact address and just show up there, where you can expect something wonderful happening? image-2019-04-26 (1).jpg
Maybe you have been so busy with work in your new city that once your family and friends have been able to come and visit - you realize that you don't even know where to take them because you haven't had time to adventure around! If you're in a big city, you most likely won't have to look too far. Either way, we've got some ideas for you. 
1. Ask a friend. If you're in a new city, you most likely have had to acquire a job. Maybe you even knew people before you moved here. Ask them if they have any suggestions on the style, genre or type of evening that you're looking for. If you don't know anyone in your city just yet, ask a stranger! You'd be surprised how willing strangers are to help out someone who is just looking for some inspiration. Also, everyone likes to put another person onto something that they think is lovely! Be it a museum, a band or an art installation. 
2. Try our that venue you've been hearing about. Trust their taste and just go with it! Just because you don't know who is playing that evening, it can't hurt to just show up! You're bound to meet other like-minded folks and you may even like the band that is performing that evening. If not, it will set you on the right road for being on the up & up for future events.
3. Pickup a newspaper. I know it's 2019 but trust us! Head to your closest coffee shop and ask them if they have a local events newspaper. Most major cities have this and they usually have their finger on the pulse. Trust their taste or try something new!
4. Google! I'm often amazed at how many times people ask questions without using trusty Google first. If you use the correct search terms and have just a little dose of patience, you can really find anything that you're looking for. Dig around in the search results or even look up hashtags for the city you're in and you're bound to find something promising.
5. PitStop Musician's! Although we are a fresh, new community - PitStop now has thousands of musicians on our platform from all over the United States, soon to be expanding all around the globe. If you find yourself in a random city or even a popular city and would like to go straight to the source - Why not click around on PitStop and find someone whose taste you like? You can contact them and ask them if they have any suggestions for shows or events and maybe even go together? You never know what budding band members are just waiting around the corner for an invitation into the next big thing!
Musicians are consistently love to share their favorite methods of all things art. Soak it up and don't be shy! You'll be amazed at how many beautiful moments will branch out from your attempts to explore the culture that you've found yourself in.
- K. O'Neil, PitStop Musicians