Why Do We Sound Better Singing In The Shower?

Have you ever been in the shower and suddenly been inspired to belt out a tune, just when your roommates stepped out for the day, or perhaps with your whole household as your listening audience through the walls? Us too. What makes this environment so lush and cushiony for our vocals? Why is it that our vocal flaws are much less noticeable in this space?

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s compliment the enviable echoes of all things acoustical in the shower. So, what makes it sound so much better than every other room in the house? A little known fact that we didn’t quite consider previously is that the tile that most bathrooms are made up of does not absorb sound like many of its upholstery and fabric friends around the rest of the house. What does this lack of absorption mean to us?


The reflective echoes and reverberation that is summed up within a shower singing session have a lovely, unique effect that is much like adding a choir behind your voice. The end result is a booming and full of power sound. Imagine the results of vocal stacking, be it harmonies or not, this is similar to how your voice sounds to you in the shower because your very own voice is continuously bouncing off of itself.

If we want to get even more technical, scientific studies have shown that your voice actually vibrates back at 100 times per second while in this acoustically treated space that we get clean in! On top of that, due to the built-in reverb, the imperfections in our vocal tones and approach to pitches are often rounded out so that we can't zero in on the little issues as easily as we would in more defined spaces. Reverb does a wonderful job at covering up those tiny impurities in our vocal strategy. 

It is for these very reasons that we love singing in showers, elevators and, of course, spaces that are specifically designed by acoustical architects. These tiny vibrations interact with the space around them in a variable of ways and we must pay attention to them if we want to maximize our sound quality. We often forget that acoustics play a major role in how all of our songwriting efforts come to life in the real world around us.