Working From Home: Creative Life Hacks

Working From Home_Creative Hacks_PitStop Musicians.jpegIf you're anything like us, you're currently in the throes of a bit of a twilight-induced climate. If anything, we hope you're still feeling the creating spark. If you're among the luckiest, you're still maintaining your occupation from your couch. Let's talk.

First things first, let’s get straight to the point - let yourself sleep in. Just do it. If you resist our body’s sincere request to get some shut-eye, we’ll eventually pay for it ten fold later. Don’t sleep in till 3PM every day, but give yourself a little R&R every once in a while. So, now that you’ve a good night’s sleep, let’s start with the bed. Make it. Please, we beg you! You’ll be so much happier and pleasantly surprised to notice these little seemingly meaningless hacks that really start to add up fast - in the best way possible. 

Get dressed. Pretend like you’re still working. Perhaps you want to invest in some comfy slipper shoe type of thing, something that isn’t barefoot but isn’t a pair of glitter heels. Eat breakfast and be on time for your commitment. Oh, time. That one element that always seems to flip through our fingers. If you aren’t signing into a ZOOM meeting at 9:15AM every morning, then you’ve got to try to have as structured a system as possible. If this is going to be a transition into something long term for you, you’ll thank yourself later. Even if it’s just temporary, you’re teaching yourself how to clearly and cleanly compartmentalize your life. This will come in handy when you’ve got multiple things going on in your household, like your husband in the office, your home studio in action and little ones running around. 

If you have space at home, it may be time to reassess your situation and invite feng shui into your life. Have you heard that one feng shui tip that suggests that you should never have your office in your bedroom, if you can allow it? It can interfere with sleep and leave your brain confused about when it should send a signal for sleep. If you have the luxury of a backyard, head there. Otherwise, you can get quite creative in splitting up your indoor space and making it work for you. 

One thing that may be out of your control are your distractions. If you have children in the house, share with neighbors who are also working from home. If you can all take one day of supervision, it could very well work! If that’s not an option, try to create a schedule for them and plan your work around that. It works! As for social media, promise yourself that you’ll only refresh your feed once an hour (yes, we are that hooked!)

Lastly, don’t forget to take breaks. It’s easy to go down that conference call rabbit hole once the caffeine has kicked in. If all else fails and you’re overwhelmed with so many screens, just remember to take a shower and eat a hot meal every day. It’s easy to get lost in the digital dimension and you’ll be that much better off taking care of yourself consistently rather than ending up with dozens of little mountains of laundry as your decor.