Writing Legendary Lyrics

Legendary lyrics aren't just something that appear on the paper out of thin air. Legendary lyrics take years of heartache, tough times, beautiful memories and knowing how it feels to really fall in love. The wonderful part of all that life has to offer means that you've now been suited up with a set of experiences that you can gush about via pen and paper, but how can we translate these seamlessly?



Before we dive into a range of specifics, it seems it’s best to remind ourselves that one of the tried and true methods of truly honing in on your lyricism is just being you. The more you can draw from your real life experiences, the more you’ll allow your listeners in on your internal inside scoop and they’ll feel even more connected with your song. 

Free writing is a method that is used to attempt to free your mind and creative expectations of all ideas and to quiet the mind, writing as you allow thoughts to pass by and you continue thought to thought. This is a wonderful way to just get the juices flowing. Allow yourself to avoid any and all musical boxes. Be as wacky or as noble as you like in your writing, This is where not thinking too hard comes in handy. 

Now one of the reasons most wonderful attempts at sharpening your craft end up delayed is due to the fact that we must practice. Practice itself is sometimes something that has to be practiced. We have to tune out distractions, stick to the plan and work up our strengths and disciplines on a step by step basis. This will allow us to employ all ideas that will all lead back to the road of getting you on a path of least resistance creatively. 

A major element to watching your ideas blossom is creating a space for them to be born and exist within. For example, it’s important for you to always have a pen, paper or note app on your phone readily available. If you simply feel uninspired using one over the other, then embrace the easiest method for you that allows you to get the ideas down quickly. One that we love in particular is the Voice Memo function on many smart phones today. This is a quick and painless way to get your ideas down and able to be referenced, as you’d be surprised just how many lyrics seem to vanish into thin air so quickly as if they never were at all. 

Now, let us not forget about learning from the greats. One of our very favorite tips is from none other than George Harrison, as the “Beatle had some advice for the fledgeling songwriter: “John gave me a handy tip,” Harrison remembered. “He said, ‘Once you start to write a song, try to finish it straight away while you’re still in the same mood.’ Sometimes you go back to it and you’re in a whole different state of mind.”

Sometimes we find that we take ourselves too seriously. When it comes to writing lyrics, you’ll ultimately need to really just learn to be true to yourself and allow for inspiration around you. The more you write, the more you’ll pick up on the beautiful lyrical nuances that surround us all.