Writing Lyrically | How to Add Color to Your Lyrics

Are you gifted with song in the form of strings but when it comes to the lyrics, you're left speechless? Some say that writing is simply a muscle. Consistency, confidence and the comfort to write a million words that don't make sense will occur before your words begin to formulate and float up off the page. Come along with us as we explore this process of writing.

This week, we're going to discuss more philosophical, emotional and environmental elements of writing lyrics. Stay tuned for a future blog where we will dissect the more technical elements, such as rhyme scheme and the breakdown of the science of words.

song writing_outside.jpg1. Change Your Scenery  - Looking for a bit of new lyrical inspiration but can't seem to spark anything new staring at the same wall behind your desk? Spend a day at a lake or bring a comfy chair to the closest woodsy place near you. Perhaps even finding a cute coffee shop. Find out what enables your focus, whether it's nature or the buddy system - with people working around you.

2. Free Write - Stop expecting perfectionism from yourself. Allow words to simply enter your mind and float freely from one to the next. Try to avoid writing in a particular style or about a particular topic. Let the syllables come naturally. Sit still for a moment or change your approach if they don't come after a few tries of doing this for at least 10 minutes.

3. Invest in Writing Tools - It may sound silly but if you've ever written with an expensive, inky pen - you'll know just how strangely satisfying it can be for the words to just seem to float from your pen - no effort. Consider small detail such as whether you like to write in a spiral notebook that allows itself to lay flat open. 

4. Open a Dictionary - Learn to re-appreciate the beauty in the written word. Even a single dose of three syllables mixed together can be moving. Are you familiar with the word "coalesce" - which essentially means to blend - in our opinion, that's a gorgeous word that just blooms off of the tongue. 

5. Spend A Day At The Library - You'll be amazed at how inspirational it is to just grab a coffee (if they allow it) and sit around in comfy sweats all day long at your local library. Pick up random books, peruse sections that you typically would never leave. You'll learn to appreciate the dynamism across writers around the world. 

In the end, perhaps you'll decide that all of the peculiar little tips that we mentioned above are meaningless, but you may be surprised what ease you will write with, when you partake in elements of easing the stress and mystery of writing.