Writing Music During Your Dreams

By now you've likely heard quite a few tales of legendary musicians who wrote beloved songs while they were sleeping, or rather,  "it came to them in a dream" - what are some of these timeless tunes and how can we tap into this creative superpower? Let's dive into all things dreams. 

One of our very favorite ways to attempt to mix your creative and sleep worlds is to employ a journal nearby your bed. This is a common but sometimes overlooked suggestion, almost a little too easy, but if you start to attempt to keep track of your dream sequences, then you may just find that later in the afternoon it’s somehow faded into the back of your mind and you might regret it. 

Next up is the alarm. Have you ever noticed that you are more likely to remember your dreams when you don’t have an alarm set, i.e. that one random Sunday morning when you have absolutely no plans and allow yourself to wake up naturally? Another way to experience this is if you take a nap in the afternoon and allow yourself to again, wake without an alert function, be it your roommate waking you up or a traditional alarm clock. This disruption in our sleep cycle seems to have a way of wiping our memory clean of the past time spent induced. 



Now, depending on what type of sleeper you are, if you find yourself startled in the night and awaken with a beautiful idea, try to record it. If fussing with a telephone is too complicated amidst a dream, consider buying a very simple recording device to learn near your bed, readily accessible. This is a fun way to see if it could really work! Did you know that not only creatives have had incredible ideas be gifted to them during their dreams? A favorite story includes that of “Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev had been working nonstop for three days when exhausted; he finally fell asleep. During this time, it seems his brain didn’t rest as Mendeleev dreamt of an arrangement of elements that would change modern chemistry. When he awoke, he recorded them, and now 150 years later, chemistry students around the world are studying his work” as told by the publication Medium. Speaking of incredible tales of how some legends came to be, it’s been said that James Cameron came up with both the ideas behind the films known as Avatar and Terminator all from a dream.

In our personal opinion, preparation before bed is an important key in this. Give yourself room to be inspired, well rested, and as peaceful as possible - let the thoughts and ideas come to you, without fixating and forcing them. We must say that it is true that it’s nearly impossible to have the perfect sleep setup and sometimes the most mind blowing ideas are brought to life on the tail end of a burn out, so you never know. Just listen,  try to clear your mind and your dreams might just follow.