Writing Music Outdoors!

Have you found yourself lacking a little inspiration indoors, with that same wallpaper and lack of lighting that you've been bottled up with this past year? Us too. One of the wonderful ways to encourage new mental growth is to explore the world around us that has been waiting to be uncovered - so, let's take this thing outside. 

Now, for this particular brainstorming session, we’ll focus on the act of gaining groundbreaking ideas while in the outside world around us. When it comes to actually recording outside, that’s an entirely other story. Ultimately, depending on the genre of music or the particular vibe that you’re going for, most of us musicians prefer to be able to be in a controlled environment when it comes to recording. In a controlled environment, you’re able to produce a neutral sound that you can then enhance and twist digitally into your liking. 

If you’re looking to record outside, then you should surely attempt to do so in as quiet a space as possible, unless you’re somewhere particularly lovely where the ocean waves or birds chirping can potentially enhance your musical piece. Let us remember that these are just our humble thoughts! You never know what kind of beautiful guitar piece may be born while being recorded live around a campfire with chattering of friends and beers clinking - you may just have found the sweet spot in ambience for the musician there, so don’t leave any stone unturned and have a little fun with it.

Back to the business of writing and attempting to stumble upon a little inventiveness outdoors. Depending on what your city situation is like, if you’ve found yourself in a place with open fields and meadows, then surely this could be considered a jackpot when it comes to writing outside. We suggest finding somewhere where you won’t be disturbing any neighbors and nobody will come knocking on your door for disrupting the peace. 

Now, if you aren’t lucky enough to be able to let your mind run free in an open space, then you may be looking more for inspiration rather than writing in public itself, unless you’re writing lyrics or you’re fiddling around on an instrument that you can take with you, say an acoustic guitar or a violin. If you’re in a busy, high traffic area and finding soothing sounds around you seems impossible, then it’s time to make due with what you’ve got and try to listen to a clever pattern from traffic horns. It’ll be a great story to tell your fans later, so just go for it. 

The sweet spot in blending nature into your songwriting process begins when you take into consideration all of the beauty that is around you. Are you inspired by the way the grass smells? Perhaps you heard the melody of a bird or the meow of a passing cat and it struck a chord figuratively and literally within you. If you kind find yourself a source of water, this is an incredible way to get your mind flowing freely. Let the tides take you on their sonic design. 

When it comes to writing outdoors, this is an endless stream of wonder that you’ve now opened yourself up to. Listen to the world around you and let the creativity grace you, rather than trying to squeeze it out from over-tapped spaces. You got this.