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"Connect with as many musicians as you can because relationships drive music careers more than anything else, even talent."

- Berklee College of Music

"Loved spinning my set at PitStop’s secret event in DTLA."

Exclusive PitStop Musicians Project

Ichiro S. | Los Angeles, California

"Thank you for the opportunity to perform at this event and support LA’s fight on homelessness."

Exclusive PitStop Musicians Project

Cherose | Los Angeles, California

"I loved working with the Jump crew; looking forward to these upcoming dates. Thanks!”

Exclusive PitStop Musicians Project

Andrew T. | Washington, DC

"I am a full-time teacher but I love to sing and PitStop gave me an opportunity to have some fun and work with some dope musicians."

Amber B. |Atlanta, Georgia

"Thank you PitStop and this amazing platform for giving me an opportunity to be on my first panel with Carrie, Anderson Paak’s manager, and Wallace from Warner Chappell. I learned that you have to be willing to make mistakes and take ownership of your music!"

Josh M. | Los Angeles, California

"So thankful for my deal memo, PitStop!"

Hannah C. | Santa Monica, California

"I'm extremely appreciative for the opportunity to say the least. I really did enjoy myself. It was great to see the kids passionate about what they love and meet such talented creatives. Inspiring, easily said. I so look forward to working with you in the future PitStop Musicians.”

Exclusive PitStop Musicians Project

Shook B. - Portland, Oregon

"Amazing experience, as usual, playing over the weekend for the house band PitStop put together and performing for the insanely talented Patrique Fortson seen on The Voice."

Greg C. - Simi Valley, California

"Had a live shoot for PitStop Musicians and wow, what a team of class acts. It's a great resource for finding other musicians to with and it’s run by some really amazing folks!"

Exclusive PitStop Musicians Project

Fox and Bones - Portland Oregon

"What an amazing team to work with. I have needed help finding musicians for my touring production company and their team has been on it like glue!"

Exclusive PitStop Musicians Project

John W. | Boston Massachusetts

"Was hired to drum for a company, great gig, great pay, great people!"

Exclusive PitStop Musicians Project

JJ Fajardo | Westminster, Colorado

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