JIM brings a reggae meets R&B and soul vibe that you need to listen to. Composed of musicians Jon, Irving and Mxrtxne, JIM is a new group that aims to bring you smooth music to feel and love.

Singer/Songwriter Mxrtxne (pronounced Martine) has placements on Lifetime movie, “I Am Watching You” and VH1 shows like ‘Love and Hip Hop” and has brought her heartfelt writing and voice to the band. Irving is a multi-talented musician, who produces, plays the bass and guitar and has accompanied various musicians in the area. Jon is a skilled keyboard player who also teaches and unites the sounds of JIM. Their PitStop Session is one you should check it. They perform their single, “Scars” and you can’t help but to groove! Check out their session below and full interview on PitStop Press!